Articles I’ve written for other sites.

Here’s a(n incomplete) list of articles I’ve written for other places. Explore.

11/17/16 How The Fear of Death Makes People More Right-Wing —Aeon

10/25/16 To Make A.I. More Humanlike, We Must Teach Them To Be Mind Readers —Quartz

9/29/16 How Anxiety Warps Your Perception —BBC Future

9/1/16 Apeirophobia: The Fear of Eternity —The Atlantic

8/27/16 The More People Think About Death, The More They Think About Voting For Trump: Study —Raw Story

8/4/16 A Neuroscientist Explains What May Be Wrong With Trump Supporters’ Brains —Raw Story

7/11/16 A Neuroscientist Explains The Unconscious Racial Biases Behind Deadly Police Shootings —Raw Story

6/1/16 The Myth of Sentient Machines —Psychology Today

5/25/16 Adorable Lesbian Gorillas Prove Homosexuality Is Not Unnatural —Raw Story

5/10/16 The Mindful Child —The New York Times

5/6/16 Why Do Some People Respond To Trump? It’s Biology 101 —The Daily Beast

1/19/16 Trump Has A Mental Disorder That Makes Him A Dangerous World Leader —Raw Story

1/13/16 Fighting Radical Islam: A Virus Of The Mind —Psychology Today

12/28/16 ISIS Uses Amphetamine To Create Brainwashed, Psychotic, Killing-Machines —Raw Story

12/9/15 Neuroscience Explains Why ISIS Attracts Psychopaths —Raw Story

12/5/15 How Young Brains Get Radicalized —The Daily Beast

12/1/15 The Neuroscience Behind Why White Cops Kill Black Men —Raw Story

11/6/15 Study: Religious Kids Are Jerks —The Daily Beast

10/27/15 Star Wars Tractor Beams Are Real —The Daily Beast

10/21/15 Designing Robots To Avoid The Uncanny Valley —Slate

10/1/15 ‘Internet Justice’ Actually Does Good, Potentially Saves Lives —The Huffington Post

9/29/15 Morals, Not Memories, Define Who We Are —Scientific American

9/16/15 We’re Getting Close To A Real-Life Smart Drug —The Daily Beast

9/14/15 Religious Fundamentalism: A Side Effect Of Lazy Brains? —The Daily Beast

9/3/15 Study: Gamblers Risk More When Slot Machines Seem Humanlike —Slate

4/15/15 Will Smart Drugs Soon Sweep The Nation? —The Huffington Post



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